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Posts exploring various aspects of locksmith services as well as lock repairs, installation and customizations. Are you locked in the bathroom? Perhaps it's time to learn how to pick your lock and about the importance of lock replacement in new homes.

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Changing Locks after Moving In

Moving into a new home comes with a mixture of both joy and frustration. You are happy to be moving into a new property, however, the stress of moving may be a bit overwhelming.

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Help My Bathroom Is Holding Me Hostage

Come on, admit it?! How many times were you in this same situation?! How many times did you end up sitting in your bathroom for hours, waiting to be saved due to faulty lock or poorly cut key?

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How To Pick A Lock

How many times were you watching some exciting movie where the protagonists were forced to pick a lock for one reason or another and each time they did it you were so amazed and so jealous by their ability to perform such a skill intervention on any kind of lock whatsoever.

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