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The best ideas to deal efficiently with lock issues.

Avoid lockouts and take care of all locks with these amazing tips.

Lever pack drilling

Users should exercise caution while drilling locks especially due to the fact that the front lever can get damaged. While drilling on the lever pack side, it is best to switch to a flat drill before the final penetration to prevent lever damage.

Preparing locks for cold weather

Wintertime can be very brutal on locks and it's important to take care of them. Invest in a good quality spray lubricant and use it to spray into the keyhole. Alternately, you could approach one of our pros at Locksmith Simi Valley who can disassemble locks and lubricate the internal components.

Online tutorial for electronic locks

Though it is not advised to deal with home lockout problems in this manner, you can still do something if you use electronic locks. You can view online tutorials on how to reprogram it or unlock it. Yet, if you do it wrong, you can run the risk of destroying the entire lock.

All exits should facilitate emergency escape

It's important to secure all entry/exit points well but when it comes to big commercial places, it's also important to have people facilitated towards their exit to avoid entrapments during emergencies. Double cylinder security door locks must be avoided and panic bars ought to be in good condition.

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