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Help My Bathroom Is Holding Me Hostage

02/01/2014 Back To Blog

Come on, admit it?! How many times were you in this same situation?! How many times did you end up sitting in your bathroom for hours, waiting to be saved due to faulty lock or poorly cut key? And how many times would you promise to fix that same lock, to replace it or to rekey it, and then to forget all about it once you were out on the fresh air, free and careless? There really is something with people and locks that keeps them together and united no matter how much their relationship is not working. I’ve heard one story where this person was locked in the bathroom for five hours and when he finally got out he still did not do anything about the lock that was keeping him hostage. The greatest thing here is that he just moved into apartment and he remained imprisoned because he failed to follow the instructions he was given by his new flat mates. How is it possible that is more effective and easier to make up instructions then to call local locksmith company or locksmith service provider and have him perform lock replacements?!

Why people never learn?

The funniest thing with this story is that the guy trapped by the lock that desperately needed replacement did nothing to change the lock once he got out. He was just extremely careful not to end up in the same situation.

Get your locks replaced

As far as I know he did not locked himself ever again. But still was it worth of risk? Bathroom is definitely a place where you go to relax and how are you going to do that if you fear you will end up locked or if someone will interrupt you opening the door on you.

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