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Changing Locks after Moving In

02/01/2014 Back To Blog

Moving into a new home comes with a mixture of both joy and frustration. You are happy to be moving into a new property, however, the stress of moving may be a bit overwhelming. There is one thing that must be done after moving-in that will ease your frustration and enable you to sleep good at night: changing the door locks.  A replacement is very important because we often forget that the previous people that lived there before may still have a copy of the door key. Not to say that they would try to come back and break-in, but what if they lose the key and it winds up in the wrong hands.

Change All Locks

You can do the replacement yourself or you can have a local locksmith do it for you. Just remember to not overlook any locks in the home. The front and back doors are obvious; however, there are other doors such as bedroom doors the needs to be replaced also. Changing all of them is the safest approach you can take.

Reinforce Front and Back Door Locks

Since the front and back doors are the two key entry points to the home, it is best to place deadbolt locking mechanisms on both doors. This will provide additional sturdiness in the event that a burglar tries to breach the doors. If your new home has a side door or basement door that is accessible from the outside, it is a good idea to replace and reinforce them with deadbolt as well. These are typically the entrances that thieves target the most because of their lack of notability.

New Installation

Changing all locks will put your mind at ease knowing that you and your family are safe as they could possibly be. It is comforting to know that there is not a duplicate key to your home floating around out there somewhere.

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