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Funny Story - A Creature of Habit

A good friendship ended at our doorstep. If you ask me, it's not always wise to get the same apartment with a good friend. You might think you have a lot in common, but living under the same roof is hard. I had an argument with my friend and was furious with her that I decided to rekey the front door locks the minute she was gone. I had worked with Locksmith Simi Valley once before and knew they are good at what they do and so I scheduled an appointment with the technician for the same day. I was actually very happy that he called back to tell me that he would be in the apartment shortly.

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Although our (Oops, my) apartment has good security door locks, the tech was familiar with them and told me he could rekey the deadbolt right away. I was trying to forget about the incident with my friend by starting fresh but couldn't help being very, very angry. I was only glad that the locks had been rekeyed so quickly and now I had a new key and nothing to worry about. I thanked the guy, shut the door, spent some time thinking, had a couple of glasses of wine and then went straight to bed. The following day I woke up late and rushed to get to work. I got ready and out of the door in minutes. Here was my friend sitting on the floor with crying eyes. I shut the door and sat beside her.

To make a long story much shorter, we ended up making up and then she told me that she tried to get to the apartment but her key wouldn't fit. I told her that I had rekeyed the locks and she got furious. She walked away again and I was so upset I decided to call sick that day. I tried to open the door but the key wouldn't fit in. I tried over and over again and then it suddenly occurred to me that I was carrying the old keys (I thought there was need for lock repair the day following rekeying).

I was locked out and have just seen my friend walking away twice within 24 hours. I called back the same company, explained what happened and asked their assistance again. The same guy came over fifteen minutes later, opened the door, made me a duplicate and threw my old keys away. The minute he left, my friend returned. I called the locksmith again to ask him to come back and make us one more key. To be honest, I admired his patience!

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Funny Story | A Creature of Habit